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For brands, the new world starts everyday.

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

The truth about eternal brands and what makes them successful.

Cláudio Ribeiro - Chronicles

I see the movement of the world at this moment and realise the great and valuable opportunities. The vast universe of ideas that arise in times of doubt, but also the constant presence of those who seek to benefit from the current situation. In my opinion, all natural and part of the process. Despite these discoveries, I will always be a realistic optimist. I believe that we are on the road to being better human beings.

Are we starting a new world?

That is a great truth, a truth I hear almost everyday. But it can not be only because of the moment that we are going through, which is indeed, very serious, not only because of a global public health crisis. The world is and will always be in motion, some events simply accelerate this process.

In the brand building field, where I work as a strategist and also as a teacher, I can feel this permanent energy that vibrates, waiting and predicting new days and that brands must prepare for this new future. Well, in fact I agree with this line of thinking, but I believe that the world is always renewing itself and businesses should always be prepared, sometimes at a faster pace, sometimes in its traditional movement, but it is always moving.

Consumption habits and anthropological behavior have always followed these turns and turned these cycles into trends.

The brands must always be looking inside themselves.

When we hear that great brands always go through moments like this, I see that what is at stake here is not simply what these companies do every year or how many employees they have around the globe.

Great brands are brands that work the synchronicity of their essence with its tangible elements. They go deep into their soul to discover their true nature and understand that this nature is immutable. The world changes, customs change and this brand learns to adapt to these variations with integrity and maintaining its purpose.

It is also possible to say that some well known brands today, which are large corporations, will not come out of this crisis healthy or may even have their lives in danger. The reason for this is that they seek profit above everything, even above their values and at a time when these brands need the loyalty of their audience, they do not find it, because there is no emotional or philosophical appeal that is relevant and true.

Brands only have the ability to adapt when they know themselves.

Charles Darwin once said: "It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the smartest of the species that survives. It is the one that adapts the most to change".

Adaptation is not changing a purpose or changing who you are.
Adaptation is having the flexibility to accommodate.
but maintaining your values. That is fundamental.

We can change our path when we know where we came from and where we're going to get to; as simple as that.

In the structure of a brand there are elements that change, but if the base is not well structured it loses its way.

If they don't know why they exist or where they intend to arrive, they lose their way or end up being swallowed by the storm.

It is important to rethink your brand today and every day, especially when the times are not so turbulent, this way you can always be prepared.

Find out who you are, your point of departure and your point of arrival. Your essence and your vision will show you the best way to get through and adapt well to this or any other change of course.

Claudio S. Ribeiro

Strategist at TRSFRM - London

Co-founder of Sartre Gumo G /FCB GmbH - Cologne

Teacher at IED – Istituto Europeo di Design – Milano


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